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We are here to assist with your prison litigation issues by providing the most competent and qualified expert-witness services in the field of corrections. We also provide solutions for the typical problems faced by police, corrections, security, and other criminal justice professionals.

The most qualified expert-witness services
in the field of corrections!

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I had the pleasure to work with Cameron Lindsay on a complicated legal matter. Mr. Lindsay is a problem solver, a person who manages difficult situations with dexterity, who has an impeccable resume in the field of criminal justice, and who brings a high level of integrity to all of his work. I would recommend him as a consultant to help resolve institutional problems; as well, he would be a wonderful expert witness, due to his knowledge and experience in the field, his attention to detail and nuance, and his candor and his general “likeability” factor, which is important for a fact finder. He is at all times the ultimate professional and a man you would want on your “team,” whether it be to bring about institutional change or to provide litigation advice and testimony.

Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.
Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.